Current Weather Conditions

Dunster, British Columbia, Canada
from a LOCAL (unofficial) weather station

Lat: 53° 09' 27.00'' North, Long: 119° 49' 57.73'' West

Weather conditions at 19:03:50 local time on 11 November 2015

Humidity (not available at temps below -10 °C)
Wind Chill
Dew Point
Heat Index (Apparent Temperature)
Wind Speed (gust)
Wind Speed (average 10 minutes)
Wind Direction (gust)
Wind Direction (average 10 minutes)
Rainfall Rate (not given in winter)
Rainfall (not given in winter)

Forecast (according to weather station)

+6.9 °C / +44.4 °F

1024 hPa and Steady
+6 °C
+5.1 °C / +41.2 °F
4.3 km/h
1.1 km/h
96° (E)
104° (E)
0 mm/hour
0 mm since 9.00 am

About This Weather Station

Current conditions are automatically updated every 30 minutes, as weather and other factors permit (if the weather is really bad, my satellite internet will be down, and if the power is out due to weather or other factors, nothing will be working).

All data on this page come from a Radio Shack wireless weather station using Andy Keir's excellent FreeWX-Wi program to record and upload data. The locations of the sensors do not follow established meteorological measurement standards (the temperature sensor is mounted 2 m up on the back of my shed, always out of direct sun, but not in a Stevenson screen or anything like that, and the wind gauge is mounted on the roof of my house). The sensors are also not as accurate as some might be, especially at very low temperatures (for example, humidity readings are meaningless when the temperature drops below -10 °C). However, what this station reports is probably a whole lot closer to actual conditions here in Dunster than the conditions in Prince George (~250 km away), which are what all the regular online weather reports provide for Dunster.

If you're a local, what you see on your thermometer or rain gauge will probably differ a bit (or even a lot) from mine, as temperatures especially vary all over the place (as we all know). I am located on the north side of the valley (hence facing south) and at about 840 m elevation (2750 ft for the metrically challenged).

Eventually I hope to get station history/data for the past several years online, but this is a first try at a live site. If you have suggestions for data you'd like to see or anything else, email me.

Extreme conditions since 1 January 2015

Maximum Temperature
Minimum Temperature
Maximum Humidity
Minimum Humidity
Maximum Wind (gust)

+36.2 °C at 14:28 on 13 July
-25.7 °C at 08:31 on 07 February
98 % at 11:00 on 11 September
17 % at 15:35 on 12 May
36 km/h, 346° at 13:37 on 09 December

Other Interesting Tidbits

Theoretically, sunrise today was at 07:16:45 and sunset was at 16:10:01, for a total daylength of 8 h 54 m. Tomorrow, sunrise will be at 07:18:36 and sunset will be at 16:08:29. However, our high mountains and relatively narrow valley mean that actual sunrise is later and sunset earlier – dramatically so in winter especially on the north side of the valley. A better measure for us might be the length of visible light, calculated (by this software at least) as the length of time between the start of civil twilight in the morning and the end of civil twilight in the evening. Today civil twilight started at 06:38:41 this morning and ended at 16:48:06 this evening, giving us 10 h 9 m of "daylight."

With the same caveats as for sunrise and sunset, the moon will rise today at 06:58 and set tomorrow at 17:14. It is currently in the Waxing Crescent phase and will next be full on 25 November 2015 14:45.


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