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Back Country Horsemen of BC Robson Valley Chapter

The goals of this non-profit horse club are the improvement of access to both the front country and back country areas of the Robson Valley, as well as exploration and re-opening of some of the historic pack trails, including advocating for improvement of trail access and involvement in such activities as improving trail heads and staging areas, GPSing and mapping of existing trails so they are officially recognized, building new trails, and maintaining and preserving existing trails for day rides and back country excursions. For more information contact chair Brian Wallace at 250-569-2324 or click on link.

Dunster Community Association

Among other things, the Dunster Community Association owns and maintains the Dunster Community Hall, the Heritage Train Station, and the Dunster Community Picnic Site. The Association puts on the Ice Cream Social, the Mid-Winter Buy and Sell, the Summer Farmers Market, and the Dunster Winter Market.

It also provides a bursary to all Dunster students graduating from high school and continuing their education. All of these activities would not happen without the volunteer efforts of community members like yourself. So, if you're not involved, get involved! Come to a meeting, find out what is happening, find out what needs to be done, volunteer for something! The association holds three general meetings per year. Check out the events page for more information.

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Dunster Community Forest Society

Registered Society # S- 0049465        Incorporated July 25, 2005


In 2012 we harvested approximately 2,000m3 above the Horsey Creek Gravel Pit, with Dave Salayka and his sons (plus two other valley youth) completing the logging and hauling of wood to Carrier Lumber.  In early 2013 Shane Bressette was our temporary manager and assisted the DCFS in harvesting approximately 12,000m3 from above McNaughton's and from Shere Lake area, with Vern Michelson of Valemount completing the contracts.   In the beginning 4 years ago, the DCFS was created with the support of community members through cash donations and loans.  As a result of the above logging the DCFS was able to pay back all loans and begin building a bank account.  All hauling is complete from both logging sites.  Also as a result of the funds we have accrued we recently hired Ray Thiessen as our Community Forest Manager.  He will put together a plan for winter harvesting for the Board to approve in the near future.  Our five year cut control License comes due in March 2014.  We are meeting with the Ministry of Forests to determine the AAC (Annual Allowable Cut) and necessary land base to be sustainable for the future. 

All residents of Dunster are welcome to become members of the DCFS at a $50/family annual membership cost.  Our Board meetings are the third Wednesday of each month and we are looking for new Board members, so please give Roy Howard a call @968-4010 if you are interested.  We hope to be in a position this fall to be able to donate to the School and the Dunster Community Hall once all our finances are summarized with the completion of the present logging contracts.   Our Board consists of Roy Howard (Chairperson), Seth MacDonald (Vice Chairperson), Debby Ladouceur (Secretary), Larry Stamm(Treasurer), Chantal Swets (Board Member),  Sam Phillips, Simpcw (Board Member), Chuck McNaughton (Board Member) and Mike Widell (Board Member).  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call any of the Board members.

Dunster Community Forest Society memberships are due for 2013. Each family membership is $50 and can be mailed to DCFS, 7610 Croydon Ferry Road , Dunster, BC, V0J 1J0.
New members are always welcome so please send in your membership fee and well keep you informed of upcoming meetings.
Debby Ladouceur, Secretary, Dunster Community Forest Society

Fraser Headwaters Alliance

Robson Valley Music Festival

Sacred Circle Dance

The Dunster sacred dance circle holds more than 400 dances from around the world that represent different cultures, the wheel of life as represented by nature/agriculture and wildlife, the phases in our lives and the challenges we may confront and celebrate.

We dance with reverence and respect for those dances we reclaim. The ancient dance forms, thus renewed by our creative attention and participation, nourish our understanding of the body as sacred. This occurs on three levels: our individual bodies, the collective body of the dancing group moving as one, and the body of the earth upon whom we dance. Ultimately we seek the integration of ancient and modern forms of dance and ritual in a movement event that represents the DANCE OF LIFE itself. Circle dancing is a catalyst for integration within the self, communities and earth that has immediate as well as far reaching effects. There is a healing quality within the dance itself which enables people to become more poised and self confident within their bodies. The body and the heart learn these simple and flowing dances with ease.

The circle gathers at the Dunster Community Hall every second Saturday from 7pm to 9pm. For more information contact Debby Ladouceur at 250-968-4429 or Nancy Taylor at 250-968-4358.

Three Valleys Community Development Co-operative

The Three Valleys Community Development Co-operative was formed by a group of interested citizens of the Canoe, North Thompson and the Robson Valleys . A few people gathered in the fall of 2001 to look into the possibility of forming a co-op but it was not until a meeting on May 13, 2002 that 22 people from all over the Three Valleys area came together at the Dunster Community Hall and decided to go forward with the idea.
The first year was spent consulting with and holding workshops with co-op facilitator Ramona Frey and with Dr. Teresa Healy and her class at the School Of Environmental Planning at the University of Northern B.C.
In March of 2003, the Three Valleys Community Development Do-operative was officially registered in British Columbia . Since then, we have had some very active times organizing the Valemount Farmers Market, being a sponsor of the Fall Local Harvest Supper in co-operation with the Dunster Community Association and presently are actively trying to organize a Local Growers and Producers Group to:
1. Encourage more growing of local produce and making of local products.
2. Encourage a sense of community and support and sharing of knowledge and machinery among local producers.
3. Develop more local markets for locally produced products.
4. Develop more markets for locally produced products in nearby areas (Jasper/Prince George, etc.).
5. Develop a public education program regarding local food sustainability.
The meetings began in November of 2009 and are being held monthly during the winter months. There has been an e-mail list set up to keep interested people in touch with the meeting dates and to share information. For more information or to be added to the growers and producers e-mail List contact Pete Amyoony at 250-968-4334 or send an e-mail.

Trappers Association

The Dunster Trappers are part of the Robson Valley Trappers' Association, which extends from Crescent Spur to the Kinbasket Lake and south along Highway 5 including the North Thompson River drainage. There are seven traplines that are whole or partially overlapped into the Dunster footprint.
Taplines are government registered areas that a trapper owns the right to manage and harvest fur from. Trappers are required to complete a trapping certification course before they can obtain a license to trap and must practice humane trapping standards that have been set out by countries worldwide that are involved in the fur trade. Trapping is one of the local sustainable industries in the valley.
Local trappers have a meeting in February in Chuck's shop and a family picinic at the Dunster Picnic Grounds in September. The picnic is open to all and includes a potluck lunch, campfire coffee, games, demonstrations and information on 'what's new' in the trapping world.
For information in the Dunster area, contact Claude Hill at 250-968-4459 or Chuck McNaughton at 250-968-4400.

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