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Weather Reports for Dunster and area


Current Weather Conditions in McBride (weather station at the McBride and District Public Library

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Environment Canada text forecast (look at Yellowhead section)

Canada-wide weather (map with specific cities)

North America map (with fronts, jet stream, etc.)

Satellite image of Western Canada

Animated satellite image for all of BC (select Pacific Northwest) that will show the latest large cloud headed our way)



Wildfire Report


Northern Lights Forecast

Haven't you ever wondered whether you should stay up until midnight or one a.m. on a cold, clear winter night just in case those darn northern lights happen to come out?  You know, the really spectacular ones that your neighbours always rave about in the morning, and what were they doing up so late, I'd like to know?

Well, now you can make an informed decision, by checking out this prediction page from the University of Alaska. Click somewhere in the vicinity of western B.C. to get the prediction map. The forecast is for our longitude (120ºW almost exactly), and predicts what level of activity is expected tonight, what time the peak activity is expected (using Greenwich Mean Time, so subtract 8 hours from whatever it says), and the red line shows how far south activity can be expected. The green band is the area of greatest activity.

Here's another one: http://www.spaceweatherlive.com/en/auroral-activity/auroral-oval.

If you're really gung-ho and want to see a whole bunch of charts that may or may not help you figure out whether there will be northern lights tonight, check out this site. And if you can't quite figure out the prediction chart, check here to see if anybody else in B.C. or Alberta or the world has seen anything in the last couple of hours (seems that some people have no lives, or kids, or cows).  "UTC" is the same as "GMT" which is whatever time it was in London when the observation was made (like we care) so again, subtract 8 hours from the observation times for our own local time. The bad news is that this site will only operate during the winter months when the sun isn't shining all night in Alaska, so during the summer we'll just have to fend for ourselves.


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